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Final Heartbeat

Posted by Anna Johnston on Sunday, August 1, 2010, In : Music 

(another a7x inspired song written at 5 in the morning. lolz)


To much Pain in this life

(sorry for being weak)

to much pain i can't take it

(can't stand knowing i was weak)

couldn't take this life so i left it

(I'm gone)

 ya i know you cared

(but farewell)


left this life to find peace on the other side

please pray for me

for peace is hard to come by

I'm gone


Don't try to bring me back

(Its to late, it's been done)

I've made up my mind, i don't want to change it


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Dragon's Dance

Posted by Anna Johnston on Sunday, August 1, 2010, In : Music 

(i no its not very good, but whatever. it is wat it is. tell me wat you think)

Snuff out this life

steal my soul and hide it

throwing away the key.



I am but a shell of my former self

lost forever

lost to all


This is what fate has chosen

just not what i intended

choking on my own burning flesh

lost forever

lost to all

never to be found


The darkness burning

burning as it seaps out of my pores

i'm still here

body still intact

can you tell that i am gone?


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