No I'm not worthit
I'm really not,
And i shouldn't have even tried...
See ya go me!
Another failed attempt,
Exactly see, I still try
It's just a bad habit.
I'm hopelessly stuck,
I feel so alone,
I try to help out but it just can't be done.
I don't mean to fail, really I don't,
I'm sorry I hurt you.
"You haven't you know?"
Yeah right,
You know I have.
I fail every day like I always do...
How have I failed...
Ha that's rich.
Oh come on, don't act like you don't know.
Tonight was awful,
I mean what a blow,
I haven't stopped crying since this conversation began,
I can't breathe anymore,
I feel like I'm dying,
Someone help me!
I want out,
What started as fun is now just plain chaos,
I dont even know if I'll last anymore,
Every time I lay in bed at night,
I wonder if I'll ever see tomorrow's light.
I long for the days when i was happy, carefree
Nothing is ever fun anymore.
"Please stop!"
I can't help but go on,
it's just how I feel,
Though dying inside isn't to great
At least I can feel something instead of nothing
Don't you agree? -Lauren Menefee