How could you know that I'm falling for you

I couldn't confess to you that i love you

when i have told you time and time again that i don't believe in love


How could you know that I want to be yours

I want to be able to call you mine, but how can I

when i know you deserve so much better


How could you know that I don't want to fuck you

I tell myself that I only have sex with guys I am dating

when I still walk over to your house


How could you tell me that you love me

I'm broken, fat, used up

when did I lose my self-worth


How could I let myself become this

I am stupid, worthless, a fat cow

when did my hell start


How could you not notice the tears in my eyes as I left

I know my eyes were screaming at you, begging you to follow me,

when all you did was wave good-bye


How could I have let myself fall for someone again

I still havn't found the shards of my pathetic heart after the last one left

when his face was a mask of beauty



As I look, I feel the glue slipping, as the few pieces I had found slip away.

I had given you my heart. you took it. fucked it. gave it back without a second look.

You are in my very soul.

I will never forget.